Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just a gag

Серьезная организация возьмет на высокооплачиваемую должность опытного хакера. Резюме просим размещать на главной странице сайта


Gags about Windows/Linux

The software required «Windows 95 or better», so I installed Linux.

-- Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington «Perl Cookbook»

Hедокументированные ошибки Windows 95. Том 3.


Friday, July 25, 2008

I like GO and mathematics

Mathematics is the science of patterns,
Music is the art of patterns, and
Go is the game of patterns.

-- Hu, from his KGS profile

Just a bit of "german" wisdom :)

Achte auf deine Gedanken, denn sie werden zu deinen Worten
Achte auf deine Worte, denn sie werden zu deinen Taten
Achte auf deine Taten, denn sie werden zu deinen Gewohnheiten
Achte auf deine Gewohnheiten, denn sie werden zu deinem Charakter
Achte auf deinen Charakter, denn er wird zu deinem Schicksal!

-- Gottfried Keller

I like sayings about aesthetics of programming :)

The process of preparing programs for a digital computer
is especially attractive, not only because it can be economically
and scientifically rewarding, but also because it can be an aesthetic
experience much like composing poetry or music.

-- Donald Knuth

The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff.
He builds his castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of the imagination.
Few media of creation are so flexible, so easy to polish and rework,
so readily capable of realizing grand conceptual structures.

-- Frederick Brooks, Jr., The Mythical Man Month